Hello DIYers! It is awesome to both make and receive personalized homemade gifts, and organic, natural skin care is the trend these days, so we thought to put together a list of top 10 DIY skin care homemade gifts that your friends and family will love! They are all holidays-themed, with sparkles, glitter and gold, and with holiday scents: from candy cane to cinnamon to vanilla.

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Let’s get started.

1. Milk + Vanilla Bath Salts


When you’ve come back from a holiday shopping marathon, give those aching legs a break with this soothing bath time treat. Your skin will love the way sea salt moisturizes, while the Epsom salt will help unhappy muscles relax. Add in a little milk powder and vanilla oil to soften your skin and indulge your senses.


A cute little jar filled with this salt and garnished with a vanilla bean makes a great gift.


bath salt

Relax with this luxurious Milk & Vanilla Bath Salts


2. Sweet Orange Bath Bombs


Ok, really, who doesn’t love bath bombs? A homemade gift that will not be forgotten! This one is of course super fizzy and sweet smelling, and it’s guaranteed to lift your spirits after even the most stressful day. Start with baking soda and Epsom salt for detoxification, then add in essential oils of Orange and a grated orange rind to infuse the water with natural fragrance.


Use a cool shape mold instead of the usual ball shape bath bombs – we love stars! – wrap it up pretty, and you’ll have a lovely gift.


DIY bath bombs

Star-shaped bath fizzies, scented with Sweet Orange Essential Oil


3. Sparkling Lip Balm


Give your favorite people the homemade gift of soft, supple lips this holiday season. Add a little – or a lot – of glitter and you’ll have a beautiful sparkling smile. This is a soft, creamy lip balm that is best packaged in small tins or containers.


lip balm that sparkles

Creamy lip balm that sparkles!

4. Mint + Orange Soap


Soap making doesn’t have to be intimidating: with a shea butter or goat milk melt & pour soap base, our Mint + Orange soap is easy to pull together. Break out colorings, scents and fun molds to make your DIY soap a real crown pleaser.


melt and pour DIY soap

Super easy Mint + Orange homemade soap

5. Candy Cane Body Butter


Ever wandered what a candy cane would be like in lotion form? Now you’ll know. This luxurious body butter smells just like the holidays, plus its soft, creamy consistency and nutrient-rich ingredients make it a joy to use.


Holiday Body Butter DIY

Whipped & fluffy Candy Cane Body Butter


6. Rosemary Sage Beard Balm


Give your favorite fella a special homemade gift. This homemade beard balm conditions facial hair with jojoba and castor oils and relieves itchiness using shea butter and beeswax. Play around with essential oils to create a masculine, warm scent. Rosemary, sage, pine, eucalyptus and cedarwood are some of men’s fave scents.



7. Holiday Room Mist


Instead of lighting up a synthetically scented candle, how about spritzing a homemade, personalized Room Mist around the house? Add water, a little glycerin, and whatever essential oils you fancy, put a bow on your bottle and voila’, holiday is in the air!


room mist for the holidays

All-natural room mist to help your home smell great


8. Lavender Body Mousse


Give something a little indulgent this season: a luxuriously whipped body butter – so fluffy that it’s like a mousse. Crafted with unrefined, pure and cold pressed butters and oils, and made to sparkle with some pink edible glitter, here is a classic Better Shea Butter recipe.


lavender whipped body butter

Fluffy whipped body butter that sparkles!


9. Lip Scrub (LUSH hack)


Did you know that lipstick lasts up to ten times longer on top of clean, well-scrubbed lips? Whether you use a bright lipstick or a nude lip gloss, your canvas (aka lips) needs to be clean and smooth to absorb the color properly. Here’s a simple lip scrub recipe, inspired by Lush’s Santa Baby’s lip scrub.


tinted lip scrub

Santa Baby LUSH lip scrub hack


10. Glittery Lotion Bars


Lotion bars are the new trend for minimalistic body moisturizers. A perfect homemade gift.  These are packaging-free, which helps the environment, and are easier to use than lotions: just glide the bar on your clean skin and voila’, you are moisturized. These bars have food-grade glitter added in for extra sparkles and glow, perfect for a night out.


cocoa lotion bars with glitter

Lotion bars that sparkle!

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