While essential oils can provide numerous benefits to the skin, it’s vital that you combine these with one of the many carrier oils available for safe use and added advantages. Organic carrier oils provide the necessary enhancements in addition to offering clean skincare choices. Benefits of Using Carrier Oils Carrier oils are used to dilute ingredients, such as essential oils, to make them safe to apply to the skin. Additionally, these oils provide an effective consistency for your homemade skincare products either alone or mixed with another carrier oil. Used on their own, carrier oils also provide unique qualities to keep your skin in the best condition possible: Nourishment Regeneration Healing Balance Quality Organic Carrier Oils from Better Shea Butter Our natural skincare products are created using organic plant-based materials. Choosing organic ensures that your product will be free from hazardous chemicals such as those found in pesticides or certain plant fertilizers that might be harmful when absorbed into your body. Whether you choose to use one of these oils on their own or as a base to carry other ingredients, we offer a range of types to suit the needs of your specific skin type or condition. Organic Rosehip Oil Very lightweight, rosehip oil nourishes the body. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles Balances skin tone Promotes the growth of thicker, fuller hair Mixes with other carriers to reduce heaviness and viscosity Organic Jojoba Oil Medium-viscosity jojoba oil is a non-greasy carrier that easily absorbs into the skin while providing multiple benefits: Mimics the skin’s natural sebum for moisturizing Balances oil production Clears up acne Provides a protective moisture barrier Organic Almond Oil Highly emollient, non-comedogenic almond oil is great for all skin types. Softens skin and hair Reduces dryness Fortifies the skin Soothes itching and irritation associated with eczema, psoriasis and acne Organic Apricot Oil Light, non-greasy apricot oil is especially valuable for skin that’s sensitive or prone to breakouts. Cleanses without stripping natural moisture Restores radiance Seals in moisture Absorbs quickly Choosing the right carrier oil can enhance the benefits of other ingredients you wish to use in your homemade concoctions. These oils can be mixed for additional benefits or to create an oil in the desired consistency and absorption. Our organic formulations are designed to carry the beneficial properties deep into the skin for maximum gains for your specific concerns.
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Free – Easy DIY Skincare Recipes

Eczema. Acne. Stretch Marks. Dry, dull skin. We got you covered with true and tested tips and DIY Skin Care Recipes you can whip up at home.

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