About Us

We keep it simple


Better Shea Butter started with a signature 1LB brick of Unrefined Shea Butter, sourced from a small women co-op in Ghana, and later expanded to offering other butters, oils and botanicals that are carefully and ethically sourced.

Our headquarters are in Austin, TX, were we manufacture, package and warehouse everything we offer. Our small-but-mighty team of 12 (and counting!) is happy and proud to focus on a few high-quality products that sell on our website, on Amazon and soon in many amazing stores across the US. 

We believe that the creation of skin care products is fun, simple and is within your reach, and we have an ever expanding video library of DIY Skin Care Recipes that you can enjoy. 

Say goodbye to synthetic junk on your skin, and say hello to a smarter way to beautiful


How it started

I started this business in 2013, it all began at a time in my life when undesirable skin conditions were troubling me, between having two children and the natural course of aging taking its toll, it was bothersome and concerning. I had tried many skin care products on the market to solve these issues to no avail. It wasn’t until I came across raw and completely natural skin care that I noticed real change and saw a difference in my skin condition. It made me look and feel better. From there I was hooked and made it my mission to make this available to everyone!

I know we’re all busy women – moms, wives, business owners and career mavens, but I’m passionate about the fact that no matter how busy we get, there’s always time to do the right thing for our bodies. The great part about DIY natural skin care is it truly only involves minutes of hands-on time to whip up a batch of lotion, cream or deodorant and it makes all the difference.

I find DIY skin care enjoyable and rewarding, like cooking a meal the way you like it, using the ingredients you choose and tweaking it however you feel like to make it perfect for youI hope you find what you need and enjoy it as much as I do.

Better Shea Butter

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