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What is Shea Butter?

Shea Butter comes from a native, wild-growing African tree that produces a tiny, almond-like fruit with a nut inside.

Villagers separate the nut from the fallen fruit, then boil and let the butter float to the surface. The butter is then milled and filtered for impurities, packaged in blocks and shipped to us so we can bring it to you. Shea Butter is known as “women’s gold” in Africa because it is a valuable source of income for the women in Ghana. All Shea Butter from Better Shea Butter & Skin Foods is unrefined, organic, high-quality and always fresh from Ghana in West Africa.

a little bit of history

The history of Shea Butter as an invaluable skin care product dates back to Ancient Egypt. Queen Cleopatra always kept jars of pure, unrefined shea butter on hand. She knew the finest beauty secret then and Better Shea Butter & Skin Foods is proud to still be bringing it to you today!

The Butter Benefits

If you suffer from difficult skin conditions like those listed below, Shea Butter will effectively soothe, moisturize and heal.

  • Psoriasis
  • Severly dry skin
  • hives
  • acne
  • dermatitis
  • wrinkles
  • scars
  • stretch marks
  • rashes
  • burns
  • cracked heels

Loaded with Vitamins & Antioxidants

Including vitamins A, E, F and fatty acids for deep moisture without feeling greasy. Also contains phenols which are the same antioxidants found in green tea.

Protects Against the Sun

Shea butter has a natural SPF of 6 to 10 and forms a light protective barrier on the skin to help block U.V. rays from the sun. It also shields skin from pollution, and strong winds.

Full of Anti Inflammatory Agents

Shea Butter enhances collagen production and is a very effective moisturizer. It helps stop the itching of stretching skin while naturally being non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores!).

Safe for Everyone

Completely safe for men, women, children and pregnant moms.

Long Shelf Life

Lasts up to 2 years (when stored properly).

Strengthens and Regenerates Skin

Shea Butter enhances collagen production and is a very effective moisturizer. It helps stop the itching of stretching skin while naturally being non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores!).

Ivory vs. Yellow

Ivory shea butter

Our Ivory Shea Butter, the “original” Shea Butter, varies from off-white, to beige to light gray. The shades of color are inevitable with this product as it is with most organic, all-natural products. The smell of Ivory Shea Butter is slightly nutty, and the consistency is rich but relatively light when compared to Yellow Shea Butter. All skin types and all ages including children can benefit from using Ivory Shea Butter.

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yellow shea butter

Our Yellow Shea Butter gets its color from the root of the African Borututu Tree. It’s added by the Ghanaian women during the milling process to give it extra nutrients. Our Yellow Shea Butter is commonly preferred by people with eczema, psoriasis and other difficult skin conditions, because it tends to take longer to absorb and creates a better moisturizing effect. Yellow Shea Butter is also a bit harder than the Ivory, and when used on fair skin, can give it a light glow or slight tan look.

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Learn & Explore With Shea Butter

Browse the variety of recipes we have using Shea Butter, as well as tips on how to use it and common questions and answers about it.

Shea Butter FAQs

Shea Butter is a vegetable fat extracted from the nut of the African Karite tree, also called the Shea tree.

Shea is a semi soft butter and it melts easily upon skin contact. It can be applied alone or mixed with other ingredients to make skin and hair care products. Shea Butter is vegan and safe for all skin types.

Unrefined Shea Butter is a nutrient-rich butter packed with vitamins A and C, and with natural antioxidants. It is a rich moisturizer that helps soothe and repair dry, itchy, cracked skin and maintain a healthy glow. Its properties also make it effective in diminishing blemishes, dark spots, fine lines, and signs of aging. Additionally, raw shea butter can be used on the scalp or in the hair to stimulate growth, tame frizz, and lock in moisture.

Our Shea Butter comes from the nuts of the Shea Tree in Ghana, Africa . The Shea tree has been nicknamed Tree of Life for its ability to help with numerous skin, hair, and health conditions. Raw Shea Butter is also known as Mother Nature’s Conditioner for its exceptional moisturizing and softening properties.

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FDA & Allergen Disclaimer: These statements and products have not been evaluated by the FDA. These statements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, prevent, or eliminate any disease or condition. Better Shea Butter & Skin Foods products are intended for cosmetics purposes, and not to be ingested. Please consult a physician before using products from Better Shea Butter & Skin Foods. If you are allergic to any ingredients, please do not purchase or use. Use a small 1 inch x 1 inch test area on your hand and let product sit on the skin for 24 hours to test for any adverse reactions. If any reactions occur, consult a physician immediately, and immediately discontinue use.