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Welcome to Better Shea Butter, where our mission is to help you on your journey to a beautiful and glowing you! We provide top quality, safe, natural and organic ingredients and an array of DIY skin care recipes and video tutorials. Join us on a smarter way to beautiful.

Unrefined Cocoa Butter

Saying Cocoa butter just makes you want to cook up something chocolate, doesn’t it? We call our products Skin Foods, because, well–they are! Though it sounds edible, it’s not actually chocolate yet. Rich cocoa butter is obtained from fermented, roasted, and separated whole cocoa beans. And best of all it works wonders on your skin as a deep moisturizer and as an ingredient to help diminish stretch marks and scars.


Unrefined Shea Butter - Ivory

Our best seller! Shea butter in a block and not a jar… really?  Oh yes! We work hard to deliver the highest quality, raw, unrefined Ghanaian shea butter in a form that is easy to use. Our convenient butter blocks make it easy to slice off just what you need to apply to your skin or to whip up your favorite skin care recipes.


100% Pure Mango Butter

We know you LOVE our shea butter, but if you’re looking for a lighter body butter without the typical nutty scent that accompanies raw shea butter, turn to our 100% Pure Mango Butter. It is perfect on its own or mixed in a recipe for a clean, moisturizing, wrinkle fighting, nourishing lotion, cream or soap.


Unrefined Shea Butter - Yellow

Our yellow shea butter is 100% pure and unrefined. No chemicals. No additives. Just pure, silky, skin-nourishing shea butter – perfect for your toughest skin issues like eczema, acne, and dry, cracked skin. So go ahead, indulge and renew your thirsty skin with our velvety butter and watch the transformation to a glowing new you!


Better Shea Butter

DIY Skin Care Products & Recipes

Not sure where to begin? We recommend that you start with our best-seller, Unrefined Ivory Shea Butter. Use it as a stand-alone, all-purpose skin healer, or mix it in your homemade skin care recipes. We provide an array of popular recipes in our free ebook so it’s easier than you think and lots of fun. A smarter way to glowing and healthy skin starts here. 

Shea Butter Origin | Where does shea butter come from?

Where does Shea Butter come from?   Shea Butters origin takes us all the way to beautiful Africa. More specifically it comes from the so-called "African Shea Belt" as shown here.     Shea Butter is produced in roughly 21 countries: Benin, Burkina Faso,...

How to Make Shea Butter Sunscreen

  With summer around the corner, we want to refresh our information with the dos and don'ts of sun exposure and show you how to make sunscreen with shea butter.   Sunscreen is an important staple to have for skin care at this time of year. While there are...

How to use Zinc Oxide in your homemade skin care

Zinc Oxide Powder   Zinc Oxide is gaining popularity thanks to its many functions in homemade skin care preparations. While this white, fine, mineral powder can be used in many ways in soaps, make-up and other beauty products, the two most popular uses for this...

Almond, Apricot and Jojoba Oil: the Benefits and Differences of each

Let's talk about the top 3  carrier oils for skin care that you can use in your daily routine. These carrier oils can be used alone as one-ingredient wonders, or they can be incorporated into homemade skin care recipes that tailor to your specific needs.   People...

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Customer Reviews

“I never thought I had beautiful skin until I started using Better Shea Butter products. I’ve always had terrible dark spots on my face, shoulders, and lower back.  I started out using the ivory unrefined organic shea butter alone. It made my skin glow and feel so smooth. I loved it. And the service was great too!
The first time I touched shea butter it was like chocolate melting in my mouth: smooth and creamy, and that’s exactly how it leaves your skin.

As a massage therapist, this product has become a must for me. It replaced all the expensive stuff filled with chemicals, preservatives and synthetic fragrances. Better Shea Butter by Shea Butter Lady is the best out there: clean, raw and unrefined. Mix it with your favorite oil, sunflower or hemp, and you have the healthiest applicable cream for the skin filled with vitamins A, K, E, F and essential fatty acids. Remember your skin is an organ, too. Get Better Shea and do your body good! Tanya Siejhi Gershon


I quickly discovered “Better Shea Butter” while researching ingredients for my products. After my first order I was hooked.

Gallipot is founded on the idea of simplicity and sustainability, and Better Shea Butter shares my vision with ethically and sustainably sourced products.

As a small company, I love supporting family businesses locally and globally. Better Shea gives me consistent, high quality results time after time.

I love sharing with my customers that I get my shea butter from Better Shea Butter. Lindri Riveras

Gallipot All-Natural, Handcrafted Skincare

I found Better Shea Butter on Amazon and ordered the Zinc oxide, the Ivory shea butter and the Cocoa butter.

I was looking to purchase products from a company that offered organic, responsibly sourced products. I am happy that I found Better Shea Butter. These products are superior to other brands in that they are easier to work with and they have a wonderful natural aroma. Not only are the products great, but the customer service has been exceptional!

I am glad that I can pass along superior quality, healthy products to my customers. Amy Black

Junebee Skin Care, LLC

I never thought I had beautiful skin until I started using Better Shea Butter products. I’ve always had terrible dark spots on my face, shoulders, and lower back.  I started out using the ivory unrefined organic shea butter alone. It made my skin glow and feel so smooth. I loved it. And the service was great too! I received confirmation emails from the seller before and after I got my product. I also received a recipe book with every purchase.

Just recently, I started ordering the organic cocoa butter. I combine it with shea butter and oils to make my own body butters. My face is now clear of dark spots. My shoulders are almost clear and the dark spots on my back have faded significantly.

I will be ordering all my skin care products from Better Shea Butter. I wish to try next the african black soap and rosehip seed oil. I’ve had such great results with my shea butter and cocoa butter, I’m confident that these products will work also. Khiana Gray Wyatt

Since birth, my son, DJ, experienced multiple skin reactions from constantly switching skin care products. After a visit to the dermatologist we learned he suffered from eczema, which is very common in our family. I tried several brands of hypo allergenic, fragrance free skin care products but my son would continue to have skin reactions. 

A relative suggested Shea Butter because it was all natural and fragrance free. I searched Amazon and found so many great reviews on Better Shea Butter so I decided to give it a try. I must say I was extremely pleased with the products and free e-book to make additional skin care products.

Better Shea Butter has softened my son’s skin and we have not experienced any skin reactions since our first use. I also made a skin block and now working on a body scrub. 

Better Shea Butter is now the leading skin care product in my home!


I’d like to start out by saying that I’m a native of Florida and totally love the humidity. I didn’t realize how much I loved the humidity until I moved out West in a dry climate and many products weren’t providing me enough moisture throughout the day. I came across the Better Shea Butter website and knew I hit the jackpot!

I made Body butters in the past just for fun but realized that this was an absolute need. I ordered the shea butter, cocoa butter, and the African black soap and instantly fell in love. I made my body butter, and my skin feels absolutely amazing. I put it on after I shower to help seal in the moisture, and it works like a charm. The African black soap has an awesome lather, has no scent (all natural), and doesn’t dry my skin out. I’ve received numerous compliments on my secret to great skin, and I tell everyone I have 3 simple ingredients: shea butter, cocoa butter, and African black soap!

Love my products and will definitely order more! Felicia Murphy