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Secret Steps to Master Your Skincare Routine

  Morning and nightly beauty routines have been integrated into many women’s lives in the 21st century. Whether it’s investing in clay masks, or going all in on a skin care line, women have been prone to take control of their routines. Our skin is the biggest...

All About African Black Soap

What is African Black Soap?   African Black Soap (also known as "Black Soap") is an all natural soap originating from countries in western Africa, including Ghana and Nigeria. Despite the color specified in the title (black) Authentic African Black Soap is...

Shea Butter Origin | Where does shea butter come from?

Where does Shea Butter come from?   Shea Butters origin takes us all the way to beautiful Africa. More specifically it comes from the so-called "African Shea Belt" as shown here.     Shea Butter is produced in roughly 21 countries: Benin, Burkina Faso,...

How to Make Shea Butter Sunscreen

  With summer around the corner, we want to refresh our information with the dos and don'ts of sun exposure and show you how to make sunscreen with shea butter.   Sunscreen is an important staple to have for skin care at this time of year. While there are...

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“I never thought I had beautiful skin until I started using Better Shea Butter products. I’ve always had terrible dark spots on my face, shoulders, and lower back.  I started out using the ivory unrefined organic shea butter alone. It made my skin glow and feel so smooth. I loved it. And the service was great too!
The first time I touched shea butter it was like chocolate melting in my mouth: smooth and creamy, and that’s exactly how it leaves your skin.

As a massage therapist, this product has become a must for me. It replaced all the expensive stuff filled with chemicals, preservatives and synthetic fragrances. Better Shea Butter by Shea Butter Lady is the best out there: clean, raw and unrefined. Mix it with your favorite oil, sunflower or hemp, and you have the healthiest applicable cream for the skin filled with vitamins A, K, E, F and essential fatty acids. Remember your skin is an organ, too. Get Better Shea and do your body good!Tanya Siejhi Gershon


I quickly discovered “Better Shea Butter” while researching ingredients for my products. After my first order I was hooked.

Gallipot is founded on the idea of simplicity and sustainability, and Better Shea Butter shares my vision with ethically and sustainably sourced products.

As a small company, I love supporting family businesses locally and globally. Better Shea gives me consistent, high quality results time after time.

I love sharing with my customers that I get my shea butter from Better Shea Butter.Lindri Riveras

Gallipot All-Natural, Handcrafted Skincare

I found Better Shea Butter on Amazon and ordered the Zinc oxide, the Ivory shea butter and the Cocoa butter.

I was looking to purchase products from a company that offered organic, responsibly sourced products. I am happy that I found Better Shea Butter. These products are superior to other brands in that they are easier to work with and they have a wonderful natural aroma. Not only are the products great, but the customer service has been exceptional!

I am glad that I can pass along superior quality, healthy products to my customers.Amy Black

Junebee Skin Care, LLC