Flowers are a gift from nature. With vibrant colors and blissful scents, these natural beauties are an essential part of the world around us. However, with the right care and preparation, flowers can also be an essential part of your personal care routine. This is the power of dry flowers in your life. The Difference of Dried Some people dry their flowers for sentimental reasons. However, there are also many practical reasons to dry them. Flowers contain natural moisture and scents and when the flower has died, the drying process can help retain these natural properties. Dried flowers can be used in many different ways. Here are just a few things you can do with them. Skincare at the Next Level Your skin can get overwhelmed by harsh chemicals and additives that are found in a lot of skincare products today. Dried flower infused skincare products provide natural restorative properties that renew the skin, plus they provide delicious, subtle scents. For example, you can infuse dried roses into water for a rosewater tonic. When lavender is used in a face scrub, the vitamins and antioxidants restore the skin's natural vibrancy. Dried flowers can be added to body butters, soaps, bath salts, bath bombs and much more. Scents that Are Truly Natural The natural scent of dried flowers is great for skincare. It is also great for your home. You can use dried flowers in your natural cleaning products. When you make a natural spray, it can infuse the scent of lavender or calendula into your sheets or linens. It is also possible to put a small portion of your dried flowers into a sachet. To provide a peaceful aura to your home, simply place sachets in key locations such as under pillows or in drawers. You can even mix and match your flowers to create your own custom scent. Get Creative with Your Options Dried flowers can also be used in less expected ways. Make ice cubes with dried flower flakes. Be sure to use clean petals and distilled water for a result that is fun, decorative and refreshing. You can also create custom wedding accents. Dried flowers can add a lovely scent to your wedding decor, and dried petals can even take the place of rice or bubbles at the end of the ceremony. These options are just the start. Dried flowers can easily be incorporated into many activities. Pick the Right Flowers Different flowers offer distinctive restorative properties. With chamomile, you can create a calm atmosphere for sleep. Lavender is a restful scent that can reduce anxiety and stress. Rose may actually lower your heart rate while elevating your spirits. When you choose calendula, you may experience a reduction in inflammation to help you feel your best. At Better Shea Butter, we offer the best dried flowers for sale. Each flower has been dried naturally to retain the best scent and restorative properties. Order your dry flowers for personal or home care from Better Shea Butter today.
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