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Beeswax - Better Shea Butter

A DIY Skin Care Guru’s Guide To Types Of Wax

Better Shea Butter offers a variety of bee-derived beeswax bars and pellets, plus a vegetable carnauba wax. These can be mixed in with homemade body butters, balms, and salves. Choose a recipe that’s well suited to each kind of wax.

Updated: 14 June 2024

Our Natural Waxes

We love using our beeswax and carnauba wax to enhance the potency, texture, and longevity of our recipes. Each of these types of wax has its own special character, and we are thrilled to share our collection with you.


Beeswax has been used to create beauty, aromatherapy, and healing treatments, for thousands of years. Female worker bees build beehives and honeycombs from the wax they make from honey. The fatty acids and esters that make their homes wonderful are naturally good for your skin and wellbeing. As a humectant that softens and moisturizes, beeswax also helps to regenerate your skin and reduces signs of aging. It’s a natural antibacterial remedy for minor scrapes that soothes and protects them against environmental damage.

Beeswax never spoils, so it’s a perfect addition to your homemade lip balms, body butters, and salves. Bees collect pollen and nectar from flowers that grow on mountains and in fields all over the world, so the waxes come in a variety of colors and scents.

Better Shea Butter Beeswax Pellets

Our organic yellow beeswax pellets have a delicate honey scent. They melt perfectly and make a nourishing addition to cuticle and lip balms.

organic beeswax pellets

Better Shea Butter Texas Beeswax

Texas Beeswax is pure and robust. We source this wax directly from Texas apiaries and love the way it adds a rich, natural honey fragrance to lotion bars and body balms.

Recipe: Lotion Bars with Cocoa Butter

texas beeswax 1lb block

Better Shea Butter White Beeswax Pellets

Our white beeswax pastilles are lovely in candles and body mousses. White beeswax will enhance the fragrance of any essential oils you choose to include in your creations. This wax is lightened naturally, so it’s pure and chemical-free.

Try this recipe for DIY Beeswax Candles

white beeswax pellets

Carnauba Wax

Carnauba wax is made from the big green leaves of the caranday palm tree. Imagine taking a trip to Brazil to have tropical drinks in the shade by the beach. The wax protects the palm leaves from the heat, and its high melting point can help add stability to your homemade beauty creations. It’s highly protective and hypoallergenic, and can help keep your skin moist.

For our customers who create plant-based beauty treatments, this wonderful vegan wax will add a beautiful texture to your formulas.

Better Shea Butter Carnauba Wax

Our premium grade carnauba wax ranges from light beige to dark yellow. It’s an emollient ingredient that will make your recipes smooth and not sticky, and it’s especially good to mix with other butters to create a creamy texture. We recommend using it to create vegan balms and salves.

How to Make a Vegan Balm Using Carnauba Wax

carnauba wax, vegan wax, beeswax substitute

The great thing about making your own beauty treatments is that you can customize your creations to your heart’s delight. Our recipes will introduce you to the wonderful world of natural self-care. You can mix and match waxes, butters, oils, and fragrances to make luxurious balms and creams for any occasion and season that are just right for you.