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If you haven been looking for an awesome Whipped Mango Butter recipe, this blog is for you.


Shea Butter is our rock star ingredient when it comes to making skin care at home, and that’s because it is proven to be the richest, “fattest”, most moisturizing and somewhat healing of all cosmetic butters.


But unrefined Shea Butter has one draw back: it has a detectable nutty/smokey scent. Because of the way it is extracted, and because Unrefined Shea is not processed or bleached in any way to remove smells (nor color), it smells “smokey”. Think of when you smoke meat or make barbecue, and it will give you the concept of why Unrefined Shea picks up a smokey/nutty scent.


The best butter substitute to shea is Mango Butter: it is practically unscented, so when you add your essential oils, there isn’t any other scent from your butter affecting the scent of your formulation. With unrefined Shea Butter, some people complain that they add a lot of essential oils to their recipes but this does not “cover” the shea nutty scent. If this sounds like a problem you’ve run into, Mango Butter may be for you.


Here is a cool experiment where I made the same body butter recipe using only shea in one, and mango in the other one. The final results were different and I hope the article can help you decide which butters to use for your projects.

A few words about Mango Butter


If you’ve had the mango fruit before, you know that when you are done eating it, you are left with a large, oval, flat seed, whitish in color.


When you break that hard, large seed (it takes a hammer to break it open) you will find something resembling a big lima bean. That’s where the mango butter comes from, that bean-shaped thing gets mechanically pressed and filtered and smashed until a semi-hard butter is formed.


Mango Butter in a bowl



Our Mango Butter is sourced from gorgeous India, where about 1/2 of the world mango production is done. I think it’s amazing that someone bothered to get down to the contents of the mango seed to find what millions of people in the world today use as one of their cosmetic butter, right?


Read more detailed information about Mango Butter in this article.

Whipped Mango Butter Recipe


What’s so special about this recipe? A couple of things:


  1. Unlike most other recipes for body butter we have available, for this one you will NOT melt the mango butter.
  2. You will only use one carrier oil in addition to the Mango Butter.


Any variations of these two little tricks and the final consistency won’t be as creamy as in this one. So here it is:






How to:


  • Cut the mango butter in small cubed about 1/2 inch size and put them in a bowl
  • Using a fork or spoon, smash down the mango butter against the sides of the bowl until you have a uniform paste
  • Add the jojoba oil a bit at a time, then stir the mango butter and jojoba oil together
  • Using an electric mixer, whip it for 5 minutes or until it has a nice whipped look. Make sure to scrape butter from the sides to add it to the whipping. The bigger the batch you make, this more this step is important as you don’t want to have parts of the butter not fully whipped like the rest.
  • as the final step, add your choice of essential oils and give it one more good whip


Your final result will be a creamy and almost liquid, smooth body butter that will hold its consistency for several months.

Need Ingredients?

mango butter jojoba oil

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