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Non-Toxic DIY Candles with Beeswax and Coconut Oil | Great for Meditation and Manifesting Practices

Today I’d like to share with you a purifying DIY Candle recipe made from simple, nontoxic ingredients, beeswax and coconut oil. You can optionally add some dried flowers for decoration. This candle burns very clean and slower than other candle materials. It won’t emit harmful chemicals like those found in paraffin wax and metal-core wicks. 

These are perfect for around the house or for any meditation or manifesting practices you may partake in.

In our online store, we have both ethically bee-sourced and vegan varieties of wax. We also have 4 varieties of dried flowers.

Beeswax is a classic choice that has been used in candles for years. It burns slowly and evenly without producing soot or harmful by-products. Beeswax candles help clear undesired scents from a room. While burning it can also produce a spectrum of light similar to that of the sun, which can be soothing to the body and mind.

Wax Options for Candles

  • Organic Yellow Beeswax Pastilles these are sourced from the USA and certified organic. These are very convenient and easy to measure for any skin care or DIY applications. They are perfect for making candles, body butters, balms and more.  
  • White Beeswax Pastilles are similar to yellow pastilles, except they have been naturally refined with carbon to remove any scent or color. This is the perfect solution for any DIY applications where the final products are color-forward.
  • Texas Beeswax comes in one-pound blocks from local apiaries. It is dark tan and aromatic with the natural scent of honey and wildflowers. When included in skin care products, the nutrients from the wax and protective antioxidants help to draw moisture back into your skin and create a barrier to help prevent environmental damage. If used in candles, in addition to helping purify the air this wax imparts a rich floral honey scent.

Carnauba Wax, our vegan wax option is sustainably sourced from Brazil, from the leaves of the Copernicia cerifera tree. It is the hardest available wax with a melting point of 180 F (82 C). Our carnauba is T1, the highest available grade. It is perfect for cosmetic, food-grade, and craft applications. When using Carnauba Wax in place of beeswax it should be used in a different ratio for candles. 75% oil and 25% wax is better for a carnauba wax base than the 50/50 ratio of the beeswax candle recipe. 

The other ingredient in this candle recipe is coconut oil. A fruit oil that has stood the test of time as a beloved skincare staple. Used in a candle, this oil is clean with no harmful byproducts. It also lasts 50% longer than paraffin due to the slower burning of its fatty acids.

Non-Toxic DIY Candle Recipe


  • 4 oz beeswax pastilles, yellow or white
  • 4 oz coconut oil 


  • Wicks of your choice
  • Wick stands
  • Glue dots to hold the wick stands in place
  • Containers of your choice: glass jars or tins are a common choice
  1. Using a double boiler on low heat, melt your beeswax and coconut oil. This takes about an hour. 
  2. Prep your glass jars by securing the wick stand with a glue dot in the center of the bottom of your container
  3. Secure your wick in the wick stand
  4. (Optional) Mix in fragrance oils of your choice
  5. Pour your candle mixture into your jars or tins
  6. (Optional) Add dried flowers to the top of the poured candle, being sure to push them away from the wick
  7. Let the candle set fully, this may take a few hours
  8. Once fully set they are ready for use!

Recipe Video

And there you have it, some simple, soothing and nontoxic candles. Use these to purify your space and share with your friends and family.

I hope you have enjoyed this recipe! If you have any questions or feedback please comment below.