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Cranberry Lip Balm

Cranberry Lip Balm

The holidays are upon us, and it’s a cheerful time of year! One of the most fun parts of the holidays is gift giving. Sometimes, you can find a gift at a store for someone. However, it is extra special to have a gift hand made by you for the person you are thinking about.

Give your favorite people the gift of soft, supple lips this holiday season. A rich mixture of Shea and Cocoa Butter moisturizes and heals dry, chapped, or damaged lips. Note: We recommend keeping this soft lip balm in small jars instead of lip balm tubes. If you want to use tubes, just double the amount of beeswax you include.


1 tablespoon each of:

Shea Butter

Coconut Oil

Organic Beeswax Pastilles

Jojoba Oil

Castor Oil

5 drops of cranberry fragrance (or 25 drops of spearmint or peppermint essential oil)

1 teaspoon of pink eatable glitter (used to decorate cakes) or mica powder

How to:

Using a double boiler, melt the beeswax, shea butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil, and castor oil.

Continue to stir until everything is melted, then take off of the heat.

Wait about fifteen minutes for the mixture to cool off, but not too long to let the beeswax harden. Then, add the fragrance or essential oil and your coloring agent (eatable glitter or mica powder). Stir well.

Pour the mixture into your lip balm containers, let it completely cool off and harden for three hours, and voila! Your lip balm is ready.

If you want more holiday recipes like this cranberry lip balm for free, download our new Holiday Recipes eBook! We hope you enjoy making your own DIY gifts this holiday season.

8 responses to “Cranberry Lip Balm

  1. I don’t want to put the glitter or mica in my lip balm. Would leaving that ingredient out mess up the consistency of the finished product?

    1. Hi there, no it would not change the consistency. However this balm is soft, not hard enough to put in lip balm tubes but perfect for lip balm containers with a lid. The recipe in the eBook only fills a handful of containers so you could try it out and if you want it harder you can add more beeswax.

  2. hello! i’ve made my homemade lip balm. At first the lip balm is too oily & i thought that i put the carrier oil too much. In the next day when i use my lip balm ,it get harder than before..
    i put beeswax in low qtt & amount of refined shea , so i can get the softer lipbalm, but the result turns out harder & dry
    i don’t have any idea. is those problem comes from shea butter?

    1. Your lip balm took 24 hours to cure and harden, this is normal.Beeswax is what gives it the hard consistency. If you want it a little creamier, try stirring it inside its container, use a small stirring utensil or a chopstick.

    1. You can try Carnauba Wax, use 1/2 of the amount of regular beeswax in the recipe since Carnauba is a lot harder in consistency.

  3. Is there a substitute for castor oil? Also what are the benefits of Castor oil if possible.
    Thank you, I am learning a lot from you!

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