If you are looking for a natural hair conditioner, then Shea butter is the perfect option. ‘Mother Natures’ conditioner”, shea butter offers exceptional moisturizing properties that are ideal for keeping hair in great shape. Shea butter has been used for a whole range of therapeutic applications for decades.  Applying Shea butter on hair is one of many popular uses. Here are five great reasons why you should treat your hair by using some Shea Butter:

1. Hair sealant

There’s a tendency for curly or wavy hair to be a lot drier than straight hair because of the texture. Sebum is the scalps’ natural moisturizer. It has more difficultly sliding down the hair shaft because of the coils and bends in the hair. Shea butter is often included in curly hair treatments because it can help to lock-in moisture, without causing your hair to become heavy and greasy. This effective ‘sealant’ therefore protects your hair from environmental extremes, such as wind and sun damage.

2. Stop scalp irritation

Shea butter is an excellent treatment for a dry and itchy scalps or dandruff. Its anti-inflammatory properties help to reduce redness and irritation. Shea butter is easily absorbed by the skin, and won’t clog the pores. Not only will it help to keep the scalp in better condition, it will also provide additional moisture to the hair shafts. This makes it great for damaged, dry, or even color treated hair.

3. Offers protection from heat

If you frequently use a hair dryer, you’ll probably find that your hair becomes dry and brittle easily. By applying Shea butter on hair it is readily absorbed into the shaft. In addition, it does so without weighing down your hair or leaving it feeling greasy. The Shea butter coats the shaft and keeps it protected from heat damage.

4. Reduce UV damage

Our hair is easily damaged by the sun’s UV rays. This can leave your hair looking dull and feeling dry. Shea butter has a low, but an effective sun protection factor (SPF). This is beneficial for all hair types, especially for those individuals with color treated hair.

5. Hair softener

Applying Shea butter on hair is great if you suffer from brittle hair. The moisturizing benefits of Shea butter help to prevent breakage and split ends, keeping your hair healthy.

Better Shea Butter has an excellent recipe for using Shea butter to improve hair condition. You can use our recipe to rejuvenate and protect your hair. We recommend adding the prepared Shea butter to your favorite conditioner and massaging onto clean, wet hair. Leave it overnight and rinse off in the morning. You’ll be able to naturally keep your hair in great condition using Shea butter.