“I first started to suffer eczema as a child and it progressively got worse, especially during adolescence. My skin in the affected areas was always dry and cracked; it itched constantly and was especially bad at night. Sometimes I would get skin infections and it would get even more painful. Although uncomfortable, the worst part was not being able to wear certain clothes because I felt like I needed to cover-up all the time. Eczema is an ugly condition and during summer it was particularly hard because I couldn’t wear short-sleeves, skirts or anything else that showed my skin.

Over the years I tried many different topical treatments to minimize the condition. Most doctors prescribe coricosteroid-based creams. They help to reduce the inflammation, minimizing itching and soreness. If they’re applied frequently, they do help the skin heal and offer some relief.

However, I find using cortisone a little perplexing. One of the triggers for an eczema breakout is toxin exposure. What we eat, the chemicals in our environment, and the medications we use all affect our skin. I was desperate to find a natural alternative that would alleviate my eczema without causing any unwanted side effects.

Is Shea Butter Really Good For Eczema?

I had heard about Shea butter for eczema and seen it in beauty shops, but I really wanted something natural and without chemicals. After doing some research, I came across Better Shea Butter on Amazon.com. I read all the customer reviews and liked the feedback. So I decided to purchase the Ivory version as this is slightly softer than the yellow Shea butter.

I wasn’t too sure what to do with the Shea butter when it arrived, but Better Shea Butter actually provided a recipe book full of great ways to use the product – I had no idea how versatile Shea butter is! I followed the homemade eczema cream with shea butter recipe and made my own cream. It was a surprisingly simple process and since you can add essential oils the final product smells really great.

I’ve been regularly applying my Shea butter for eczema and it’s amazing the difference it makes. My skin feels much softer and it’s no longer dry. I find that it’s probably better as a preventative cream, rather than a treatment. I apply the cream every day and it does help to prevent outbreaks. If a rash starts to develop, I can quickly get it under control with the Shea butter. Although, I do still keep my cortisone cream on-hand in case I get a big flare-up. However, that hardly happens anymore, so I really think that Shea butter does a wonderful job.

If you’re like me

…and eczema is a problem, I would highly recommend trying Shea butter. Don’t buy products from beauty stores as they are highly processed and full of chemicals. They just don’t offer the level of relief that raw Shea butter provides. The Better Shea Butter brand has been fabulous and it’s clearly great quality. I hope my feedback is helpful for others in the same situation.”


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