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Why make your own skin care products?

We all want to look and feel beautiful, but not at the expense of our health! Many skin products out there contain elements that are far from good for you. So, why make your own skin care products?

Everyone has probably heard of parabens, right?Do you wonder what they are and why some companies promote “paraben-free”? Parabens are esters (a compound of acid and alcohol) that most companies use as preservatives in many store bought cosmetics and skin care products. Although there lacks full study to determine the threat or safety of parabens, some believe that they might be linked to fertility issues and breast cancer.

There are lists of other chemical compounds and ingredients that are far from good for you found in skin care products:

  • mercury
  • talc with asbestos
  • BHA (a carcinogen)
  • mineral oil
  • sodium sulfates

…just to name a few! All of these have the potential to cause skin irritation. Some have even been linked to cases of skin cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, diarrhea and nausea.

Make your own soaps, lotions, creams and makeup, to avoid a good number of these ingredients. So many blogs and personal websites (like ours!) contain recipes for homemade, do it yourself products.

Make your own Skin Care products with Shea Butter

We promote the use of shea butter in your DIY projects. It is a good, natural, raw and organic ingredient that has numerous benefits. It is nature’s vitamin A cream. Shea Butter also contains vitamins E and F. It is non-comedogenic, therefore it won’t clog your pores.  You can use it to reduce redness of skin, acne, dry patches and more. This makes it ideal as a base for your lipstick, rouge, mascara, lotion and soaps. You can also add it to your hair serum, conditioner, or just use straight to help smooth and calm frizzy, dry hair.

Buy our Grade A, Raw Shea Butter and get a free recipe e-book in addition to your purchase. Just click on Buy Now button on the website.

If you don’t have time to make your own products from scratch then get yourself educated on what to look for and avoid when purchasing things for your hair and skin.

We want the best for you!!