Every time I come up with a new variation of a mango whipped body butter recipe, I think it’s the best formula I’ve ever created. This one is no different – seriously, this whipped DIY body butter is soft like a mousse, it’s a romantic pale pink, and it smells like a spring bouquet.


There is also a video tutorial at the very end of this article that shows you how to make this whipped body butter, so if you’re in a rush, skip to the bottom and watch the video 🙂


What is Mango Butter?


Mango Butter is extracted from the hard kernel of the mango fruit, it is semi-soft, off-white and unscented. It is rich in Vitamins A and C, and anti-oxidants, so it’s a fantastic vegan and natural solution to keep your skin soft and hydrated.


Mango butter is becoming popular among the most health conscious consumers that are looking for: (A) truly transparent skin care and (B) ability to customize their beauty products by making them at home. For a more detailed article that tells you all about mango butter, check out this article.


The first ingredient in our mango whipped body butter recipe is of course Mango Butter. Our raw mango butter comes in a brick size format to make it easier to cut into pieces and use on your skin or in DIY beauty recipes. We tried to sell mango butter in a jar, but since it’s temperature-sensitive, it can at times be so hard that getting some out of a jar becomes irritating – but a little brick like this is easy to cut and break off.


Here is what it looks like:


mango body butter

Our Pure Mango Butter is Vegan and Cruelty-free. This is an 8 oz size mango butter bar (aka Mango Mini Bar).


How to use mango butter on your skin


You can use mango butter as-is to soften your skin, just break off a pea size amount and rub it on your skin until it’s absorbed. This is a fairly “dry” butter, meaning that it gets absorbed quickly on your skin and does not leave a greasy residue.


Then there’s a more fun way to use mango butter on your skin, and that’s to mix it with other oils and botanicals that together will really give your skin the vitamins, antioxidants and nourishment it needs to be healthy. Customizing your beauty products is like cooking a meal the way you like it, using the ingredients you choose and tweaking it however you feel like it.


Mango Whipped Body Butter Recipe – feels like a soft body mousse


Unlike other recipes we have where you weigh your ingredients, this one requires no scale and no weighing anything, just volume measurements.


You will need:


1 cup of cut up mango butter. Simply cut off small pieces of the butter and put them in a cup, don’t pack it in.


1/2 cup of apricot oil


20 drops of essential oils. I wanted a really flowery, spring scent so I added: 10 drops of lavender EO, 5 drops of Geranium EO and 5 drops of Chamomile EO. It smells mainly like Geranium and I truly love this blend.


1/4 teaspoon of pink mica. This is optional as it does not add any skin benefits to the mousse, however, the soft, pink hue makes this simple skin treat so lovely, you don’t want to skip this 🙂


How to make it fluffy:


Put the cut up mango butter and the apricot oil in a bowl, smash the mix with a fork or other utensil, stir it up, then whip it with an electric mixer. The force of the mixer will help whip the mango butter and make it increase in volume into a nice, soft mousse.


Half way through the whipping, add the essential oils, then whip a bit more until it has increased in volume a bit, around 5 minutes.


Stir in the mica powder (don’t just throw it in and turn on the electric mixer or the powder will get all over the place).


And your mango whipped body butter is READY!!! Scoop it in your final container or put it in a zip lock bag, cut a corner out of the end, then squeeze the butter into your containers. It will last 6-9 months if you store it in a cool place away from direct sun.


Uses and Benefits


Use this mango whipped body butter as a face and body moisturizer, or for particularly dry skin spots. I have personally been using it as a face serum before I go to bed: the flower scent helps me relax, and the rich mango butter makes my skin soft and smooth.


I hope you love this recipe, leave us a comment below with your feedback and any questions you have.


Mango whipped body butter

Place your Whipped Mango Body Butter in several small containers for easy use



Whipped Body Butter Video Tutorial


As promised, here’s the video version of this recipe. Enjoy!