Shea Butter for Acne

Did you know that you can use shea butter for acne problems?  Let’s go through the steps so you can use this method at home.  You will want to try this right before you go to sleep.

First, cleanse your face gently with a facial cleanser.  A facial cleanser with acne-fighting ingredients would be best to use.  You need to make sure the dead skin cells are washed off of your face that could be making acne even more stubborn.

After washing your face, one thing you must try to do is avoid touching your face.  You don’t want more oils from your hands clogging pores while you are trying to get rid of acne!. Since the oils in your hands can affect shea butter as well, take a dime-sized amount of organic, raw shea butter and put it onto a make-up sponge.  Using the sponge, apply the shea butter to your face, focusing on your problem areas.

Finally, leave the shea butter on your face over-night.  In the morning, use a facial cleanser, making sure to remove all shea butter.  For best results, repeat these steps using shea butter for acne three times per week, and watch your acne fade away!

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