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Homemade Body Butter Kit

Homemade Body Butter Kit | All you need to make whipped shea butter at home

Start your DIY adventure with this Homemade Shea Body Butter Kit and simple recipe to make an amazing homemade body butter. The result is a luscious light, fluffy body butter that is packed with vitamins and antioxidants that your skin will love. Keep it for use on your own skin and give some away to friends and family as a gift. With ingredients such as shea butter, almond oil and coconut oil it is sure to be great for all skin types.

*Shea Butter is made from Shea Nuts. If you have a nut allergy we recommend trying one of our other cosmetic butters


Ingredients & Instructions

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  1. Cut up Unrefined Shea Butter into small pieces and put into a mixing bowl
  2. Using an electric mixer, mix the shea butter on low to mash it up
  3. Pour in your carrier oil a little at a time and continue to whip the butter and oils together
  4. Add in the essential oil or oils of choice
  5. Continue to whip until the body butter reaches your desired consistency.
  6. It is now ready! Scoop into your final containers, cover with a lid and store in a cool dry place.

Uses and Benefits

To use, clean the area of the body in need, pat dry and apply body butter. Allow to soak in. Use once a day or more if needed.

Recipe video