Dry Rose Petals

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Inhale the lovely floral aroma of our natural dry rose petals. These are 100% natural and extra fragrant with no artificial scent.

Use our rose petals to make your own rose water, add to your lotion bars, or create luxurious bath salts. You can also simply spread the rose petals on top of your bathwater for a spa-like experience. Experience the amazing benefits these stunning flowers have for your skin and mood.

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Try our Dry Rose Petals, all natural with no artificial fragrance.

These roses have a wonderful floral aroma that is natural and calming. They can be used to make rose water or simply added on top of a bath for a spa like experience. They can be used in DIY skin care recipes including soaps for added exfoliation and in lotion bars. See our free DIY skin care recipes ebook.

The earliest roses were grown 35 million years ago. This diverse flower has been found in Egyptian tombs, and is still one of the most popular flowers today. The Apothecary rose started a large industry in France, around the 13th century. It was then used for jellies, powders, and oils. Claims were made that it cures a multitude of illnesses. We are proud to carry this flower of a great & unique history.


  • Soothes skin and seals moisture into cells, which helps hydrate them
  • Anti-bacterial properties, helps to fight acne gently and effectively
  • Prevents dark circles – Make rose water and dab under eyes to prevent dark circles
  • Stress relieving – Aromatherapy experts say that this flower can help ease stress and improve mood
  • Itchy Scalp – Products with dried roses can help ease a flaky or itchy scalp
  • High in Vitamin C, rose petals can boost collagen which can help to fade acne scars, blemish marks, and age spots


Net Weight: 4 oz


Purchase our dry rose petals today and indulge in these great benefits.


How to Use Dry Rose Petals

You can use the rose petals as is, or include them in your skin care recipes. Make rose water by boiling them in water, or use a food processor to turn the dried flowers into a powder to add to lotion, moisturizer, face masks, bath bombs and more!

Storing Dry Rose Petals

Store your dry rose petals in a sealed container away from moisture in room temperature.


Our Guarantee

We only offer you products that we guarantee 100%. This means that we hand pick every one of our high-quality ingredients. We only offer products that we stand behind, which makes our dry rose petals nothing but the best. If you are unhappy with your product for any reason, please contact us as soon as possible, we’ll work with you until you’re satisfied.


FDA & Allergen Disclaimer

These statements and products have not been evaluated by the FDA. These statements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, prevent, or eliminate any disease or condition. Better Shea Butter & Skin Foods products are intended for cosmetics purposes, and not to be ingested. If you are allergic to any ingredients, please do not purchase or use.

2 reviews for Dry Rose Petals

  1. Karina Lozano

    I absolutely LOVE these dry rose petals! I sprinkle them when I take a bath and a secret of mine to keep my skin fresh is I add some to my rose water! It’s honestly an amazing product! Will be purchasing again and again! xo

  2. Tosha Warren

    Love love love these roses! They smell so good. They go great with my bath salts.

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