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African Black Soap for Acne

How African Black Soap Can Help With Acne & Dry, Itchy Skin

For someone who is trying to avoid getting medical treatment for breakouts of acne, African black soap may be the answer. It is also extremely effective at treating dry, itchy skin.

African black soap, also known simply as “black soap,” is all-natural, and it originates in the countries of West Africa. Despite its name, it is actually brownish in color. It’s primary active ingredient is soothing shea butter rather than the harsh lye that is at the heart of traditional soap. As a result, it is gentle on the skin while it aggressively cleans and cleanses at the same time.


Effective for acne

When it comes to acne, this soap is an excellent choice. It is plant-based, and, not only does it contain shea butter but also coconut oil, plantain leaves, cocoa pods and other good, wholesome ingredients that add up to reduced and less severe breakouts of acne. Furthermore, it doesn’t dry out skin, and this is critical because dry skin actually leads to more oil production and, therefore, more acne.

What makes African black soap different from traditional soaps and acne-treatment products is how easy it is on the skin. It can be used on extremely sensitive skin as well as on skin with existing conditions. The ash in African black soap gets deep into pores and cleanses them, and it also assists in exfoliation. It even totally removes makeup, but that’s not it’s purpose!

African black soap is effective against acne no matter how mild or severe the attack, and using it isn’t complicated. There are no special treatment regimens involved in applying it, and it’s not something you have to carefully measure or apply.



Effective for dry, itchy skin

African black soap is an excellent way to cleanse and sooth the itchy skin that is caused by allergies, dermatitis and eczema. In some cases, it can even help with skin rashes. It contains large amounts of vitamin A and vitamin E, and these antioxidants fight free radicals and the inflammatory conditions they cause. It actually helps improve the texture of skin because it is all-natural and unprocessed and, consequently, acts as a natural exfoliant.
handmade african black soap


Other Benefits

This soap is anti-fungal, and it can even be used to fight toenail fungus! It’s also good for razor burn, hyper-pigmentation, and it can help minimize the appearance of fine lines.

It’s generally made in small batches using traditional methods by small groups of women in Ghana and other African countries, and buying it helps the world economy. It’s a wholesome alternative to products that are crammed with chemicals, and it’s a time-honored and tested part of looking better overall.

Some people are surprised by how rough this soap is when they first hold a bar in their hands, but the abrasive texture is a good thing. Some prefer to use it in liquid form; it’s all just personal preference. In short, it’s an affordable and effective skin-care secret weapon! Learn more about black soap.