Healthier Skin

Everyone wants healthier skin.  Healthier skin means you look younger and feel younger.  Your skin’s elasticity depletes as you age.  Did you know that the vitamins inside Raw Organic Shea Butter actually improve elasticity and the surface of your skin?  Vitamins A & E give that elasticity back to your skin.  You can have healthier skin all over your body by using our Raw Shea Butter on a regular basis.  Another skin-aging factor is the sun.  You need to make sure you are well protected, even during the fall and winter months.  The way to do this is with a sunscreen that does not contain harmful chemicals.  You can make your own sunscreen at home using our zinc oxide powder!  You can follow us on Pinterest and find different recipes for DIY sunscreen as well as many shea butter recipes.  If you want to have healthier skin, treat it right.  Use organic products, and don’t use harmful chemicals.  Chemicals will deplete the elasticity of your skin faster, and you definitely don’t want that!  You can find our Shea Butter and Zinc Oxide Powder on Amazon.  Don’t forget to leave a review, so we know how much you love our products!