Tame your hair

Is your hair out of control?  It is time to claim what is yours and tame your hair!  Let’s start by making a simple shea butter mixture.  Take about one third of a cup of Raw Shea Butter, and mix (or blend) in two tablespoons of coconut oil.  You can also add a third ingredient for smell if you would like to. Lavender Oil and Lemongrass Oil are some of our favorites! Once you have your ingredients mixed well, then put your mixture into a bowl or container.  Take a dime-sized amount and melt it between your fingers. Scrunch the lotion in your hair, starting from the roots if they are dry. Then, continue until you reach the desired amount of shine in your hair.  You can use a twisting motion for curls, or pull straight out if you have straightened hair.  Your flyaways will be no more, and the natural shine of your hair will be brought out for the world to see!

Find our raw, unrefined shea butter to use for this recipe here.