Shea Butter is life! At least for me, and maybe for you too. Better Shea Butter & Skin Foods only sells unrefined, raw, unadulterated shea butter for skin. We do not sell refined shea (also called “white shea butter”), but why? There are some major differences between raw and white shea butter. You will quickly discover why wholesome brands like BSB choose to supply raw and unrefined shea.

Refined Shea Butter

refined shea butter

Refined Shea Butter is extracted during a process which uses high levels of heat. Sometimes, the addition of chemicals such as hexane also come into play. Many of the benefits that shea has to offer are lost when exposed to higher temperatures, like the heat used to refine shea butter. The color is removed during the process, so this type of shea butter is white.

Many people use white shea butter because of its lack of color and fragrance. This shea, however, also lacks many of the bioactive nutrients (like Vitamins A & E) that raw shea butter has. In fact, up to 75% of the bioactive ingredients are lost during the refining process. 75% is a pretty significant loss. It is a very creamy consistency, more like a lotion. White shea is still moisturizing, you just do not receive the same healing and beautifying properties as raw shea.

Organic Raw Shea Butter

unrefined shea butter

Raw Shea Butter is unrefined and beautifully earthy. This is what Better Shea Butter offers, and thank goodness. I spread hunks of that stuff all over my body. It’s extracted with traditional West African methods, without the addition of chemicals or heat. It’s a crunchy momma’s dream, really. It has vast amounts of vitamin A, Vitamin E, fatty acids, and other skin foods. The color can vary from an ivory color to a more yellow or green tone color.

The scent is earthy, which some people prefer and others don’t care for. Luckily, any crunchy momma knows that you can add in essential oils and carrier oils to level out the fragrance, as well as add on even more skin care properties. The consistency is thick and chunky, which changes once you are making skin care products. For example, you can make a rich, thick, decadent body butter using raw shea butter.


Raw Shea Butter vs Refined Shea Butter

So, which do you prefer? It’s a matter of personal preference. Raw shea butter maintains much more skin care benefits and vitamins. It does have a scent, and the color can vary. Refined shea butter is white and doesn’t have a fragrance, which some do prefer. The winner is clear when it comes to skin care benefits: raw shea butter takes the cake. The benefits are outstanding, and the quality BSB offers is the absolute best.


BONUS! Here are some recipes you can make with Raw Shea Butter from BSB:

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