Kokum Body Butter Infused with Roses DIY Kit

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Get into the spirit of DIY with our Rose Infused Kokum Butter Kit. This kit contains all of the ingredients and materials needed to make Rose Infused Kokum Butter based on the tutorial video made for this (see recipe video in the description below). In this recipe you make your own rose-infused oil and blend this in with Kokum Butter and other ingredients to make a fluffy, nutrient packed body butter that smells like natural roses and feels amazing on your skin.

This kit is perfect as a gift for anyone that loves DIY skin care or someone interested in trying it out. It is also handy for making this amazing product for yourself.

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Our Rose Infused Kokum Butter recipe is a customer favorite as it contains exotic, nutrient packed ingredients that do wonders for your skin and do not leave a greasy residue. This recipe has the option of using pink mica (which is included in the kit) to give it a beautiful pink color. You may also add essential oils to complement the natural rose scent. This is perfect as a gift for your friend or family member that is all about DIY or someone who is a beginner and wants to learn.

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