Life is good when you feel beautiful

Life is good when you feel beautiful. We are so in love with Shea Butter that we are looking for and testing all possible remedies that will make you beautiful using this amazing gift of nature. We will release recipes and tips as soon as we can, with posts and videos and all that good social media stuff, but this post is just dedicated to being and feeling beautiful.

Beauty is a word with endless descriptions. It means a lot to everyone of us. Beauty is a positive energy that should come from within ourselves. If you want others to feel that you are beautiful you need to feel the same about yourself.

Oprah can be the biggest confidence booster, and she says there are 11 ways that will help you feel beautiful and on top of the world. While we cannot top Oprah’s advice, we want to add one thing she forgot to say.

Yes, it’s cheesy and you guessed it. Here it is.

Get your Shea Butter today, mix it up with some Coconut and Jojoba Oils, add 15 drops of your favorite Essential Oil and Whip it.
Whip it real good, until you have a wonderful, creamy, organic and natural Whipped Body Butter that will make your skin and hair feel and look gorgeous. And remember, your purchase of Shea Butter comes with a FREE Recipes eBook that you will absolutely L-O-V-E.



Whipped Shea Body Butter

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