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Better Shea Butter Skin Care Holiday Gift Guide 2021

No matter who you’re shopping for this holiday season now is the time to start thinking about what you’ll give to each person on your list. Even if your list includes people of all ages who like different things, you’ll be able to complete your holiday shopping online with Better Shea Butter’s skincare products. These skincare gift ideas will please everyone on your shopping list.

Hemp Balms

During the colder months of the year, many people develop irritated, dry, cracked, and inflamed skin. Eczema, psoriasis, and acne are also common winter skin problems. Hemp balms produced by Better Shea Butter reduce inflammation and offer soothing relief. We offer three types of hemp balms, perfect for gifting this year.

Our hemp balms:

  • Have a high percentage of hemp oil
  • Are 100% vegan (made with carnauba wax instead of beeswax)
  • Can be used by people of all skin types and sensitivities

hemp balm cooling

Hemp Balm Cooling

This soothing balm with peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils provides cooling relief for sore muscles and other aches and pains. If you’ve ever spent too much time shoveling snow, skiing on the slopes, or cleaning your house for holiday guests, you know how debilitating whole-body aches and pains can be. This balm reduces the hot, burning pain of sore muscles.

hemp balm soothing

Hemp Balm Soothing

If a holiday or other stress has you fatigued, try the Hemp Balm Soothing formulation. It offers pain relief and much more. The omega-3 fatty acids heal tiny cracks in the skin and moisturize without feeling greasy. Chamomile reduces inflammation and promotes a good night’s sleep.

skin relief hemp balm eczema

Skin Relief Hemp Balm

Eczema causes a rough, flaky, and cracked surface on the skin. Our Skin Relief Hemp Balm contains lavender and tea tree essential oils which are recommended for eczema and similar skin conditions. The hemp oil takes down the inflammation and restores a smooth, silky texture to the skin. This balm contains no preservatives and is ideal for all types of dry skin issues.

mineral bath salts with roses

Bath Salts

Stress, body aches, and the long, dark nights of winter build up throughout the season. Allow your friend or family member to pamper themself with a gift of Better Shea Butter bath salts. The essential oils in our bath salts promote relaxation and rejuvenation of the skin. Natural Epsom and mineral salts form the base for all of our bath salts.


We offer three varieties:

  • Chamomile: The chamomile flower variety of bath salts reduces inflammation and soothes sore muscles and joints. Its gentle scent makes the bath smell like an inviting cup of chamomile tea.
  • Rose: Your loved one will love the luxurious scent and feel of rose petal bath salts. The summery, soft scent of roses promotes a sense of peace and calm after a long, busy day.
  • Lavender: The recipient of the lavender bath salts can reduce physical and mental stress with a relaxing bath. Lavender promotes calmness of the body and the mind and helps with a good night’s rest.

Rose Infused Kokum Butter

Kokum Body Butter DIY Kit

Make a batch of rose-infused kokum butter with our Kokum Body Butter Infused with Roses DIY Kit. This kit is perfect for lovers of homemade projects or other creative people on your gift-giving list. It includes rose petals, almond oil, and kokum butter. Not only is it fun to make the body butter, but it’s a real treat for the recipient’s senses.

I hope our list of ideas has helped to spark your creativity about what to get for the people on your list. You might not have seen something you liked here, but take a moment to browse our other products where you can find a number of other great gift ideas!

No matter what you decide, don’t let the stress of the Holidays take away the fun of gift-giving and being together. Happy Holidays!