A Unique Gift

Do you have someone you need to get a present for?  Maybe this is not a run of the mill friend.  We all have at least one friend who really appreciates a home-made gift, because they have a unique heart.  In fact, it may even insult them when they receive a “standard” present. Start thinking about a unique gift they can enjoy.

What is a unique gift you can give to your friend?  You can make a variety of different products with our unrefined shea butter.  There are so many DIY projects you can do that are fun, easy, and unique.  Find our raw, unrefined shea butter on amazon here and receive our free eBook of Recipes filled with lots of cool home made shea butter-based treats for skin like lotions, lip balms, body butters, or even shampoo.  By combining the shea butter with oils such as lavender oil, coconut oil, or even almond oil, you can create a lotion or other product with a unique scent.

Ask your friend casually what their favorite smell is, and then surprise them with a unique gift they will ask you for again next time around!