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6 Uses For Dried Rose Petals

One of the best things about transitioning from winter to spring is seeing roses in bloom. From their stunning colors to their delightful scents, roses bring smiles to even the surliest characters. If you’re blessed with a rose garden or a very thoughtful significant other, you’ll be interested in these six ways to use dried rose petals.

1. Refreshing Face Tonic

The skin-friendly properties of roses are legendary. Rose water helps to soothe acne-plagued skin and hydrate dry, aging skin, which is why it’s one of the best examples of dried rose petals’ uses. To make rose water, simply steep a cup of dried, organic petals in a cup of hot, distilled water. Let the mixture sit for a day. Strain the petals and place the water in your refrigerator for later use.

2. Skin-Brightening Sugar Scrub

Spring is the time to get your skin ready for short-sleeved tops and breezy sundresses. A rose petal sugar scrub is a delightful way to exfoliate dead, winter skin cells to reveal fresh, bright skin. Making this sugar scrub is easy. Combine one cup of dried, crushed petals with two cups of sugar, one-half cup of coconut oil, and eight drops of your favorite essential oil.

3. Soothing Body Oil

Roses are full of vitamin C and other nutrients that act asantioxidantsfor the skin. When you want to pamper your body with a soothing treat, smooth on some rose body oil. Rose body oil can be made by covering two cups of dried and pulverized petals with a cup of carrier oil such as jojoba or sweet almond oil. After letting the mixture soak for two weeks, strain out the petals and enjoy. Store your oil away from sunlight to retain its antioxidant properties.

Uses for Dried Rose Petals

4. Relaxing Bath Bombs

There comes a point in every woman’s life when she needs some alone time in a giant-sized tub. Make these moments special with rose bath bombs. Bath bombs are the adult version of bubble bath. You can make your own using dried rose petals by combining baking soda, cornstarch, coconut oil, rose essential oil, and your dried flower petals. Place the wet mixture into bath-bomb molds. After releasing them from the molds, let them dry fully before using or giving away.

5. Decorative Ice Cubes

Warmer weather brings more opportunities for outdoor gatherings with friends, family, and neighbors. Why not put a decorative twist on the cool drinks that you serve your guests? Make ice cubes that showcase your dried rose petals. When creating this work of art, start with clean petals. Double boil distilled water and place the water into ice trays with your flower petals. The results are crystal clear ice cubes that contain your colorful dried rose petals.

6. Ultra-Moisturizing Body Butter

A list of dried rose petals uses wouldn’t be complete without a moisturizing body butter. Women in the know rave about the skin-softening properties of rose petals. To get the ultimate moisturizing skin treat, grind your dried flower petals into a powder. Stir the powder into your favorite whipped body butter. Enjoy velvety soft skin.

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Rainy days are a part of life. Roses are just some of the blessings that come after the rain. It’s up to you to make the most of these small rewards.