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5 Zinc Oxide Skin Benefits

5 Zinc Oxide Skin Benefits

Zinc oxide is a mineral that is used in many cosmetic treatments. At Better Shea Butter we offer a pharmaceutical-grade powder so that you’re not placing impurities on your body. It’s not absorbed into your skin. Instead, it acts as a barrier from harmful outside elements. Also, it brings a number of advantages to your daily skin care regimen.

Protects from Harmful UV Rays

Since this mineral protects skin from UV rays, numerous sunscreens contain zinc oxide. When the sun’s rays penetrate your skin, it leads to damage, making the skin look older and drier. When zinc oxide is applied to your skin, you can avoid these types of issues.

Treats Rashes

The U.S. National Library of Medicine explains that zinc oxide helps to treat rashes. This ingredient is extremely calming to skin and quells a variety of irritations. This is a major reason why it is found in a number of diaper rash creams.

Treats Dark Spots

When we look at our skin, we may notice dark spots. This can make us feel old. Although zinc oxide is not a bleaching agent that whitens skin, it is a helpful substance that treats melasma. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, applying it each day can prevent further darkening.

Treats Acne

Acne is an inflammatory skin condition that can be quite unsightly. No matter your age, most women suffer with pimples at certain times of stress or changing hormones. Various forms of acne, including nodules and pustules, can be quite damaging to your skin. They can leave behind scars. Zinc oxide is thought to lower skin irritation and inflammation, which lessens the appearance and size of blemishes. In the end, zinc oxide can reduce the number of acne breakouts.

Promotes Hydration

When you don’t drink enough water throughout the day, your skin tends to suffer. Thankfully, zinc oxide promotes hydration. It helps moisture remain in your skin’s natural barrier. This means that you’ll not feel as dry, especially when you’re exposed to outside pollutants.

Here at Better Shea Butter, we understand zinc oxide skin benefits and offer a zinc oxide powder that can be combined with our other skin products to protect your skin from the sun, to keep it hydrated, and to soothe irritation and inflammation. Try our zinc oxide powder in your next DIY skincare creation.

3 responses to “5 Zinc Oxide Skin Benefits

  1. After cleansing of the face, would it be beneficial to use zinc as part of a night time skin care routine? I read your blog post about diy 3 ingredient sunscreen, and ordered zinc and shea butter from your store today! I will be making it to wear as sunscreen in the daytime. But wondered if nighttime use on a clean face can be good too. Is zinc like makeup that shouldn’t be worn to bed? Can skin breathe with it on?

    1. You can absolutely use it as a nighttime routine, a little goes a long way so just use less at night than in your day routine.

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