Whipped Cocoa Body Butter DIY Kit

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Introducing our kit for Whipped Cocoa Body Butter, based on our very popular recipe video (see video in the description below), this kit contains all of the ingredients and materials needed to make Whipped Cocoa Body Butter. It is perfect as a gift for someone who loves the smell of chocolate and is looking to DIY. With the added fact that Cocoa Butter is a miracle worker on the skin this is sure to be a treat anyone can enjoy.

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This yummy cocoa body butter recipe is sure to get anyone excited to DIY. Based on our recipe video below, this kit is great as a gift or as a nice treat for yourself. With Cocoa Butter being a key ingredient in stretch mark and scar creams it is an amazing butter that deeply moisturizes through the layers of skin and leaves it feeling soft and silky. Together with ingredients like Organic Jojoba Oil and Coconut Oil you end up with a whipped creamy body butter that smells delicious and is packed with nutrients your skin will love.

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  1. Jennifer Lee

    Looks amazing would love to try.

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