Mango Body Mousse DIY Kit

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One of our top recipes, Mango Body Mousse can now be made with ease or gifted to another with our Mango Body Mousse DIY Kit! This is a perfect kit if you want to make this recipe or give it as a gift to someone special. This kit contains the exact ingredients, instructions and containers needed to make Mango Body Mousse as per our famous recipe video (see video in the description below).

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Start your DIY adventure with this simple recipe to make one of our most popular recipes, Mango Body Mousse. This mousse comes out to be light and fluffy while the ingredients deeply moisturize your skin without leaving a greasy residue. You can scent it with any essential oils you would like or leave it on its own for a nearly unscented product. Keep it for use on your own skin and give some away to friends and family as a gift.

With ingredients such as organic mango butter and apricot oil it is sure to be something everyone will enjoy.

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1 review for Mango Body Mousse DIY Kit

  1. Britta Anderson

    This was my first time making body mousse. I thought I had over-whipped it because it was more liquid than solid when I put it in the containers provided. I had so much I had to get two more containers. Now that it’s been in jars for awhile, it’s solidified some. It feels soft when I put it on my hands, but even a little bit leaves a shiny almost greasy residue (I also added the recommended EOs) and I’ll feel occasionally some tiny pieces of what I’m assuming is the mango butter. Is this normal with body mousses? All in all, easy directions to follow and easy to make.

    • Isabella

      Everything you are describing is 100% normal. The whipped versions always solidify when fully settled. The tiny pieces will melt on skin contact, and because this formula is butter and oil based, it will be more oily than the typical lotions – those contain about 80% water, the other ingredients are very diluted and won’t feed your skin like this homemade body butter.

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