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brazilian bum bum cream benefits

7 Brazilian Bum Bum Cream Benefits

It’s no surprise that Brazilian bum bum cream has become such a craze. The product is just as fun and effective as its colorful name suggests. You may be asking yourself, what is bum bum cream and what does it do? After a quick look at the Brazilian bum bum cream benefits, you’ll be ready to give the product a try.

Seven Bum Bum Cream Benefits

Updated: 26 May 2023

1. It Provides a Healthy, Glowing Look

When people think of Brazilian beauty, they often imagine a bikini-clad supermodel who is absolutely glowing with health. It should come as no surprise, then, that a healthy glow is one of the main Brazilian bum bum cream benefits. Something about the blend of ingredients creates a dazzling, healthful glow. It might not be a bronzer, but once you’ve applied the product, you’ll immediately look like someone who spends the perfect amount of time in the sun.

While Bath and Body Works, Sephora, Body shop or Tree hut are popular selections for a summer moisturizer, we love creating clean beauty dupes of best-selling products to give you that glowing look without synthetic ingredients. Our version of bum bum cream isn’t just a tiny amount of an active ingredient at the bottom of a list, it’s the real deal – handmade in small batches with non-toxic ingredients.

 2. It Can Be Used on Your Whole Body

While the name clearly highlights a certain prominent body part, bum bum cream is meant for much more than your rear end. The hydrating, smoothing effects are just as useful for your arms and legs as they are for your backside. Ultimately, this single product can serve as a full-body skin care solution.

3. Moisturizing to Skin

The best moisturizer for dry skin should leave you with smooth skin after applying. Healthy skin is achieved with products that help repair the skin barrier over time to retain moisture and create lasting results. This is achieved with cupuacu butter – the main ingredient in the similar Sol de janeiro bum bum cream. It helps your skin retain moisture – according to studies, up to 400% more – leaving it baby soft.

This is especially essential for being outdoors more often for summer activities, such as tanning or going to the beach. Prepping your skin with this cream helps you feel fresh. Every body type will feel beautiful showing off their unique look. 

4. Tightening, Firming and Toning

Many people turn to bum bum cream for the sake of smoothing their skin. If you want your bottom to be soft and silky smooth, then this is the product for you. What’s incredible is how fast the smoothing effect takes place with many users noticing results after just a couple of weeks. This is not a temporary firming cream, it is one that actually helps rebuild the structure of your skin from the inside out over time. By giving it the nutrients it needs, the skin can repair from the daily wear-and-tear it experiences and it will reward you by improving the look of any sagging or crepiness.

5. It’s Vegan, Cruelty-Free and 100% Natural

The production of bum bum cream requires no mistreatment of animals. All of the ingredients are plant based, and you’ll notice the natural feeling of the cream on your hands. With this one-of-a-kind product, you can keep a nice booty and a clean conscience at the same time. No animal ingredients or animal testing necessary!

In Brazil, clean beauty and nude makeup are the current viral beauty trends. That’s why we used only essential oils to create a 100% natural vanilla rose scent with citrus notes. It’s a clean scent that smells fresh on its own and layers beautifully with any other product.

When it’s time for a summer perfume, perhaps coconut oil or coconut body butter come to mind as the base of a classic warm weather scent. But hear me out – like a little black dress, a vanilla body lotion seems to go with everything.

6. It Leaves No Residual Film

Far too many skin creams leave you feeling icky. With bum bum cream, there’s no residue left on your skin, meaning you don’t have to worry about that dreaded slimy or greasy feeling. Your skin will quickly absorb the cream after every application, and you can head out into the world immediately without anybody being able to notice what you’ve been up to. This combination of efficacy and discretion makes bum bum cream a favorite among skin-care enthusiasts. It works for all skin types and will help balance oily skin, while dry skin feels quenched. Folks with combination and sensitive skin can rest easy knowing that the ingredients are gentle. 

7. A Little Cream Goes a Long Way and Helps You Save Money

Bum bum cream isn’t one of those products that require several globs to cover a small area. With just a tiny dollop, you can successfully moisturize any size backside or your entire body. This single product can serve as a full-body skin care solution. You will need less products overall to achieve healthy skin, which saves money in the long run.

Intrigued? Give our Better Bum Bum Cream a try!