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Calendula flowers are orange and yellow flowers, they are well known for their abilities to soothe skin. Use them to make Calendula infused oil which you can use on your skin directly or include in your skin care recipe to add natural healing abilities to your balm or body butter.  These dry flowers are also fantastic for adding fragrance and exfoliation to soaps, bath salts and face masks.

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The calendula flower is a well-known herb that has been used topically and as a dye for centuries. Calendula was also used in religious rituals throughout time.

These flowers are native to Southern Europe, Egypt and the Mediterranean region. They have a long and honorable history with many using these flowers for their beneficial properties. Specifically, calendula was used in many personal care applications and in soothing remedies and balms.

Calendula flowers are bright orange and yellow in color. They bloom on the “calends” of each month, or on the first day of each month of the Roman calendar. They are carefully dried at low temperatures in order to keep their bright color.

Today Calendula is very commonly used to create infused Calendula oil which can be used directly on damaged skin or put in a balm recipe to help heal and soothe the skin.

They can also be used to add fantastic benefits, fragrance and exfoliation to your homemade skin care recipes. Some recipes they can be added to include:

For more information see our free DIY Skin Care Recipes ebook.

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  1. Tosha Warren

    I wanted to make my own calendula oil and I wanted the very best flowers. Well… once I found these I made the perfect oil. I just love this company so much.

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