Body Butters

View our wide selection of whipped body butters! Whether you have sensitive skin, hyperpigmentation, other skin issues or you just want to pamper yourself, Better Shea Butter’s skincare products allow you to care for your skin naturally. Our products don’t contain any preservatives, chemicals or artificial ingredients. Discover how our natural body butter keeps your skin healthy and beautiful.
Benefits of Natural Skincare Products: Many skincare products contain chemicals that cause irritation, allergic reactions or a worsening of skin issues. That’s not the case with Better Shea Butter’s body butters. Our natural skincare products promote healthy, glowing skin.
Moisturizing: Spending time in air conditioning, outdoors or low-humidity environments dries out your skin. Restore its natural moisture with body butters. The shea butter and jojoba oil in our premade products create a protective barrier against moisture loss. They also smooth areas of irritation and eliminate flaking.
Restorative: Blemishes, scratches and scars leave your skin with small faults. As you get older, fine lines and wrinkles also accumulate.
Soothing: Sunburns, allergies, dryness or even a change in hormones may make your skin irritated and sensitive. Our body butters soothe irritation. They don’t leave any greasy or oily residue behind, so your skin feels comfortable immediately after use and for hours after application of the butter.
From unscented to butters scented with essential oils, we offer a wide range of natural skincare products.
Pamper your skin with whipped body butters. The natural nutrients of shea butter and jojoba oil relieve dry skin, even your skin tone and leave your skin feeling soft. We offer unscented whipped butters and body butters scented with lavender and neroli, citrus, peppermint and vanilla essential oil and more.
Unrefined Shea Butter: Diminish acne, wrinkles and redness with unrefined shea butter. This skincare product also provides relief from itchy skin, cracked heels and dry or frizzy hair.
Reasons to Choose Better Shea Butter Products: Better Shea Butter body butters allow you to care for your skin. You don’t have to mix or prepare anything. We only use fresh, high-quality natural ingredients in our skincare products.
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Free – Easy DIY Skincare Recipes

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  • No preservatives
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  • None of the junk that no one wants