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Mango Butter is rich with antioxidants, fatty acids and vitamins that nourish the skin and  boost its elasticity and suppleness. In this way it can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It is also known to boost the skin’s luster and natural radiance while reducing the appearance of dark spots.

This butter is a rich semi solid vegan butter that can be used on its own as a moisturizer but is also an ideal ingredient for making body butters, lotions, balms, and hair care products. Its gentle quality makes it a great choice for sensitive skin while also being safe for all skin types.

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Mango Butter comes from the fruit of the Mangifera Indica botanical (also known as the Mango Tree) in India,  it is considered to be India’s “King of Fruits”. The center of the Mango fruit seed is where this emollient butter is extracted from. It is then mechanically refined and deodorized to make it safe for use on the skin. This process is done without the use of chemicals so maintains the butter as 100% natural and pure.

It is white or off white in color and has little to no scent.

Mango Butter has a similar consistency to Shea Butter so can be used in place of this in skin care recipes if desired.

Mango Butter Benefits:

  • Naturally non-comedogenic, so does not clog pores
  • Contains vitamin A (promoting cellular turn over and collagen production)
  • Loaded with Vitamins B, C, D, E & fatty acids helping with cell regeneration, which gives the skin a rejuvenated, revitalized appearance
  • Can even out dark spots, and discoloration over time
  • Helps reduce fine lines, wrinkles, scars and stretch marks
  • Shields skin from pollution and strong winds
  • Cleanses the skin of impurities which helps to unblock pores
  • Stops the itching of stretching skin
  • Deeply moisturizes dry cracked skin
  • Safe for all skin types, including sensitive skin
  • Effective as a scalp conditioner (seals in moisture and reduces breakage and hair loss by strengthening hair follicles)
  • Protects hair from drying, helps control frizz and boosts volume and growth
  • Is an essential ingredient in homemade body butters, salves, balms, hair products, soaps, lotions and more! (see recipes) or (recipe videos)

Weight: 16 oz.

Mango Butter Melting Point: 86-98 degrees Fahrenheit

Free From:

  • Chemicals
  • Preservatives
  • Parabens
  • Phthalates
  • Sulfates
  • Cruelty-free

For more information on Mango Butter, including how it is made, recommended use, additional benefits and more, click here.

How to Use

Melt a pea size amount of the butter between your hands and apply to your face or body. You may also mix this into homemade skin care products.

In addition, you can use Mango Butter as a scalp treatment and as a hair serum to tame frizzy and unruly hair. For scalp: melt a small amount of mango butter in your hands, and massage into scalp. You can rinse or leave it in place. For a serum, scrunch into or run over your hair.

When not in use store Mango Butter sealed in its original packaging, or in a container such as a jar with a lid. Keep in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight. If temperatures are above 75 degrees Fahrenheit, store in the fridge.


Mangifera Indica (Mango) Seed Butter

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12 reviews for Mango Butter (16 oz)

  1. Audrey Carlson

    I absolutely adore this mango butter. I own a small business making lip balms and lotions and this butter plays a starring role in all of my creations. The scent is light and delicate and it is deeply moisturizing without feeling heavy. I am so delighted to be able to purchase this in bulk and know that it is sourced in such an ethical manner.

  2. TONYA Lover of Better Shea Butter HARRIS

    I ordered 10 lbs of Better Shea Butter Mango Butter from Amazon and it was not good (the 5 stars is for this company’s love for it’s fans!). I’m not sure why it had an odor like old grease but it did.. When I first smelled it, I was thinking that maybe it was sitting in the plastic too long, so waited to use it. I even email Better Shea Butter with concern and the owner not a customer svc rep but the owner got right back to me. She provided suggestion, on allowing the butters to rest and air out in a glass container. I was obedient and did what she said and it worked a little but I could still smell something there. She was so kind and amazing she sent me a few mini blocks of the butters, even the new butter. I could not believe she did that for me. SO I will not be ordering thru Amazon ever again. I will only be ordering from this site. Sorry Amazon you lost this chic. I dont care how fast you can get it to me. In love with only Better Shea Butter site.

    • Isabella

      Awww, thank you Tonya, if I didn’t help my customers I wouldn’t be in business long 🙂 Best of luck with your wonderful beauty creations!!

  3. Deborah

    I love making whipped body butter using your Mango Butter (I also make Shea Butter, body butter). I have used both your ebook recipes and YouTube. It was fun and easy. I ended up with a rich luxurious cream that I use after showers. You can add essential oils ( my favorite is Lavender). I also added Jojoba carrier oil. I have used Better Shea Butter products for several years; and I haven’t found any other product that can compete. Thank you, Debbie

  4. Nichole Cooper

    This mango butter is PERFECT for using as a cocoa butter substitute when you want to scent products with a floral or perfume-y type fragrance instead of a desert type fragrance. I use it to make soap, body cream, and home remedies for skin. It’s WONDERFUL!

  5. Gretchen

    This mango butter is the best! It is so smooth and creamy, and has a light, clean smell. I don’t make body products other than my own moisturizer that my husband and I both use. He has very sensitive skin and scar tissue and this is the only moisturizer that doesn’t cause him to break out. I simply add this to my unrefined shea butter (from Better Shea Butter, of course!) and blend them until they’re smooth. The mango butter helps smooth out the texture of the shea butter and keeps it at a softer consistency. I never use anything else on my skin! Better Shea Butter also has excellent processing and shipping times, which is an added bonus.

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