Better Lips Duo Set

Better Lips Duo Set

This set comes with our handmade Lip Scrub and Lip Mask


Lip Scrub:

A fine exfoliating sugar scrub for the lips to help gently remove dead skin while helping restore moisture with nutrient rich oils including almond oil, jojoba oil avocado and coconut oil. Apply prior to putting on the better lips mask or your favorite lip balm or lipstick for better absorption.


Lip Mask:

A deep moisturizer for lips. Formulated with nutrient rich ingredients including raw shea butter, jojoba oil and castor oil, this lip mask will help with dry cracked lips. It is best when it is applied overnight to allow the nutrients to sink in and moisturize the layers of skin. With a light strawberry scent and flavor this lip mask will give you a fresh sweet start to the night.

  • Cruelty-Free
  • Vegan
  • 100% Pure
  • Safe for All Skintypes

$ 26.00


This set includes out Better Lips Scrub and Better Lips Mask, both handmade with natural and vegan ingredients.


Better Lips Scrub:


This handmade lip scrub is made with very fine sugar for a gentle exfoliation of the lips. This helps to remove dead cell build up while the oils in it help restore moisture to the skin.


Apply this lip scrub to exfoliate the lips and rinse. Apply lip balm or lipstick directly afterwards for best results.


1 oz (packaged in an amber glass jar with lid)


Better Lips Mask:


A vegan lip mask made with raw shea butter, castor oil and jojoba oil to deeply moisturize the lips and help repair cracked, dry lips. With a light strawberry scent this will be a sweet addition to your beauty routine.


Deeply moisturize the layers of skin by applying the lip mask overnight so it can sink in.


For best results use with ourĀ Better Lips Scrub


1 oz (packaged in a 1 oz amber glass jar)