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Many of our customers are happy with their results and have benefitted greatly from our products. Read their success stories and learn how our butters and oils can benefit you.

Unrefined Ivory Shea Butter

Our best selling butter! We work hard to deliver the highest quality, softest, easy-to-use, eco-friendly, organic Ghanaian shea butter your skin will ever feel.

What better to do on a lonely Saturday night than whip up an indulgent batch of homemade body butter? As I watch the shea butter melt into the coconut oil, my spirits lift and senses awaken. With a touch of lavender essential oil, my inner goddess squeasl with the delight! The whirring of mixer blends into the smooth jazz coming my iPhone in a perfect symphony. When it’s done, it looks good enough to eat! But no…that’s what the mac and cheese is for. I look at the clock…8pm. Is it too early to get ready for bed? No…it’s not. Grinning from ear to ear I take my newly blended concoction to the bathroom.

After a glorious shower, I dip my fingers into the whipped wonder and begin to slather myself in its all natural glory. My skin hungrily drinks it in…where it yearns for more, I happily apply. It’s as if I have been swimming in silk. My skin is supple and soft to the touch. I urge you to buy this shea butter and experience the ecstasy for yourself. Peace, love, and Unrefined Shea Butter by Better Shea Butter

- JB

I will definitely order again!

I used this product to make ask natural lip balm, and it turned out amazing. It is so smooth when you put it on and I can tell a difference in only a couple of days. The product was very easy to work with, high quality, and smells great.

- Nicole

I cannot express how happy I am with my purchase of this Organic Shea Butter! I finally made the Whipped Lavender Body Butter recipe that I had found online. Let’s just say that I’m going to throw out every store bought lotion I own because I’m not going back to store bought chemical lotions!!!

- Kathryn

Unrefined Cocoa Butter

Saying Cocoa butter just makes you want to cook up something chocolate, doesn’t it? We call our products Skin Foods, because, well–they are!

Amazing! 9 months pregnant and have been using it 3 times a day since 3 months, I have NO stretch marks and baby is coming any day now 🙂

- Customer

I bought this after reading many reviews of various products. I wanted it so I could try making my own face cream, and this one had the best reviews. I have to say, I was in heaven when I opened the package and smelled the wonderful fragrance of chocolate! Anyway, I did indeed make my face cream (using a recipe from Pinterest), and I have to say it’s amazing! My face has never felt so wonderful, healthy and SOFT! The best part is smelling that wonderful chocolate fragrance every time I apply it, even though there is also tea tree and lavender oils in it the chocolate smell is quite prominent. I highly recommend this product!

- Kimmer

This stuff smells amazing. It has the subtle scent of chocolate without being over powering. I use it for a shea butter and cocoa butter whipped body butter that I make (that was a lot of butter word usage). Mine came vacuum sealed in a plastic wrap and then sealed inside a lined brown bag. The brown bag is resealable like a zip-loc bag so I can keep whatever I don’t immediately use in there. I would definitely purchase other products from this manufacturer because I was impressed with their quality.

- Natalie

100% Pure Mango Butter

We know you LOVE our shea butter, but if you’re jonesing for a lighter body butter with a fresh, bright scent, turn to our 100% Pure Mango Butter. It is perfect on its own or mixed in a recipe for a clean, moisturizing, wrinkle fighting, nourishing lotion, cream or soap.

Just put it in your cart! Mango butter is a great base for skin care recipes. This SPECIFIC brand/company is now my number one ☝? reference. Besides the quality, the customer service is fantastic. I got an email from the owner notifying me that my order was shipped. Then a personable second email about a week later checking up on my order and the product. All-around great company great product and I even got a generous coupon towards my next purchase.

- Myers

It’s absolutely great! Has no inherent smell and moisturizes as well as cocoa and shea butter. Definitely not as soft as shea out of the box, but not as hard as cocoa. It’s right in the middle. Made some Citrus Body Butter with it.

- Natasha

I’ve ordered this mango butter multiple times. Each time, the quality of the product was excellent. I use this mango butter as an ingredient for cold process soaps, various heat emulsion lotions, and face moisturizer. I even have an amazing body scrub formula that I use it for!! Because mango butter has a nicely balanced fatty acid profile, it is a truly versatile raw ingredient for numerous skincare products. In fact, I plan to use it in a lip balm formula as well. Overall, my experience buying this particular product has been outstanding. Thus, I would recommend this mango butter to others. And, by the way, the shea butter by this company is equally superb – many of my formulas use both products!

- Heather

Organic Rosehip Seed Oil

Do your friends roll their eyes when you tell them about another amazing oil? Well, you’ll be ecstatic over this one! Rosehip Seed Oil is at the top of our list, not only for all the healthy skin benefits like anti-aging, moisturizing, and healing properties but…ready for it? It is known for treating dark spots and discoloration!

I tried three brands and this was the only real one. Real rosehip seed oil should be a dark orange/amber and have a slight nutty smell. The other brands I tried clearly watered theirs down or substituted with a cheaper oil. See my pic and google it. The real stuff (this brand) works wonders. It removed a bad scar I had from a sunburn 3 years ago. Amazing.

- Sarah

I have been trying to change my beauty routine to as natural as possible. I have done a lot of research about facial oils. I came across an article about rosehip oil, and I am so glad I did!

This is such a great moisturizer. I only have to use a few drops. After a few weeks I have already noticed a huge change in my skin. My fine lines are almost gone, my breakouts are clearing, and my skin is glowing! This is truly my beauty miracle that I have been searching for.

This rosehip is the real deal. It is a very high quality product. After all my research on what to look for in a great oil, I found the perfect one. I will definitely be purchasing again.

- Alaine

The Rose Hip oil is excellent. I was getting depressed with dark marks and pimples on my face. I’m so blessed that I tried it. My face is much clearer now. The dark marks have faded out. They are practically gone! I have used this for the past months as a daily routine after washing my face.

- Tyshawana

Zinc Oxide Powder

Let’s have a chat Sun Goddess or shall we say–former regretful sun worshiper? It’s time to stop the damage caused by UVA/UVB rays NATURALLY! Our pharmaceutical grade, chemical-free non-nano, uncoated Zinc Oxide Powder will safely include sunscreen into your DIY skin care.

I made my sunblock at what I estimated to be about 30SPF and I tried it on myself first. My Irish skin is prone to eczema breakouts and cooks to a bright red hue in about 2 minutes flat in the California sun (especially June). I put on a thin layer but due to the nature of zinc oxide, couldn’t get my skin to absorb the stuff completely. So I took my clown-face outside… and 1 hour later I’m still a pale-faced Irish girl 🙂 I have worn many sunscreens, and even Neutrogena’s SPF 100 doesn’t protect me this well.

So yes, I would definitely recommend this product… it works almost even too well!

- Merewynne

This is the BEST zinc oxide powder I’ve ever used! It mixes into my homemade skincare recipes very well with no clumps left behind. It also doesn’t seize up my lotions like my previous brand did. It does get a little bit thicker in texture but it remains creamy and easily spreadable. My previous zinc oxide powder (Essential Depot) also created a bright white cast on the skin which didn’t go away no matter how long I tried to rub it in. The Better Shea Butter brand blends on the skin very nicely and doesn’t take long for the whitish cast to blend away. I also use it in my homemade solid deodorant. It leaves no white cast on my underarms or my clothes. I’ll definitely be buying more of this product when I need it. Great company too! Received followup email from the owner with tips, recipes and safety guidelines for its use.

- Customer

I’ve put this powder in a Tupperware in my bathroom cabinet. Every time I get out of the shower I dip a big powder brush in it, tap off the excess and dab it all over my face. When it is time to put on my moisturizer, it blends in perfectly. Make sure your face is dry before you dab it on your face. Hopefully after a few weeks you will get the same compliments on your skin as I’ve been getting. I have made this a permanent part of my beauty regime.

- Joan

African Black Soap

Say hello to your new favorite skin care product! African Black Soap will have you dancing in the shower. It cleans naturally and gently while keeping your skin moist and soft. It can help soothe and heal problematic skin, as well as provide gentle exfoliation.

I think I am blown away by this company! This will be my fourth product from them and I love it!
This soap though looks messy, is awfully nourishing and leaves my skin so soft n smooth. I was hesistant to use it on my face initially but now it has become part of my before bed face routine too! It has no smell and just melts on your body.

Better shea butter – please add more products to your catalogue. We so need such quality in all our beauty products.

- PScott

AWESOME! I love this soap. I only use it on my face and OMG! I can feel how clean my face is. I use it with my clarisonic but the soap is also exfoliating. My dark spots are fading, my pores are tighter. My face just has this glow. Let’s not forget shipping was quick easy. If you have dark spots, uneven skin tone, enlarged pores, or does your face look like it needs a pick me up?! Honey get this soap. And a little does go along way. So more for your buck

- Customer

I had previously been using the SheaMoisture black soap for many years. I have acne prone skin on the body and face and tend to get dark marks. The soap had kept major breakouts at bay but it also dried out my skin but didn’t completely take care of my skin issues. After doing some research and finding that SheaMoisture’s black soap wasn’t actually African black soap, I decided to find the authentic soap. I’m so glad I bought this product. After a couple of uses I was very pleased. The soap did not dry out my skin, I don’t have a single blemish anywhere, my skin is smooth especially on the areas I have psoriasis. If I do happen to get a bump, it heals a lot faster than using other products. Dark spots are healing and diminishing nicely. As someone who has always been conscious of their skin and displeased by its appearance, this product has helped me love my skin. Anyone who is on a journey to achieve clear skin and some peace of mind should definitely give this product a try.

- Dee

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